Set out on a serene journey through Amsterdam’s enchanting canals with a Private Boat Tour on an Electric Saloon Boat. Glide along the UNESCO-listed Canal Ring, discovering hidden waterways inaccessible to larger vessels.

With a private guide at your disposal, learn about an intimate experience tailored to your preferences. Delight in the city’s charm from a unique perspective, all while enjoying the convenience of onboard drink options.

Experience Amsterdam in a truly exclusive way that promises unforgettable memories.

Just The Basics

Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Just The Basics

  • Customize your Amsterdam canal cruise with a private electric boat.
  • Explore hidden canals in a UNESCO-listed area with undivided attention.
  • Enjoy a knowledgeable and personable captain as your guide.
  • Flexible pickup options and onboard drinks available for purchase.

Tour Details

Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Tour Details

Set out on a unique private canal cruise in Amsterdam, where you can tailor the duration and itinerary to your preferences aboard an electric saloon boat. With customization options, guests have the flexibility to explore hidden gems along the UNESCO-listed Canal Ring.

Due to the small size of the boat, access to secret canals is made possible, offering a personalized experience. A private guide ensures undivided attention, making it ideal for those with limited time.

This exclusive tour allows travelers to enjoy the charm of Amsterdam while discovering off-the-beaten-path locations that aren’t always accessible on standard tours. Get ready to uncover the city’s best-kept secrets on this private canal cruise.


Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Inclusions

Guests on this private canal cruise in Amsterdam can enjoy the convenience of having private transportation provided, along with a personal guide who also serves as the captain. As part of the experience, they’ve the opportunity to explore the hidden canals of Amsterdam, thanks to the small size of the electric saloon boat.

To enhance their journey, drink options are available for purchase onboard, ranging from water and soft drinks to beer, wine, prosecco, cava, and champagne. This adds a delightful touch to the already captivating tour, allowing guests to sip on their favorite beverage while taking in the picturesque views of Amsterdam’s waterways.

The combination of personalized service, intimate exploration of hidden gems, and refreshment choices makes this private boat tour a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Logistics

Upon arrival at the Museum of the Canals, located at Herengracht 386, visitors can expect a seamless experience as they prepare to embark on their private boat tour in Amsterdam. Standard pickups are available at the Grachtenmuseum dock or city center public landing docks.

However, for an additional fee, pickups can be arranged at other locations outside the city center. The private boat tours operate daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, providing flexibility for visitors to choose a convenient time for their excursion.

Guests are encouraged to inform the tour provider of their preferred start time and pickup point to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Additional costs may apply for pickups outside the city center, so it’s essential to check availability and pricing beforehand.


As visitors prepare for their private boat tour in Amsterdam, they can anticipate a confirmation within 48 hours of booking, ensuring a smooth start to their tailored canal experience.

While the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible, it does offer accessibility accommodations for strollers, making it more inclusive for families with young children.

Plus, the tour allows service animals, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the experience comfortably.

For those traveling with furry companions, the tour has a pet-friendly policy, so you can bring your beloved pets along for the scenic ride through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals.

These considerations demonstrate the tour’s commitment to ensuring a welcoming and accommodating experience for all guests, setting the stage for a memorable adventure on the water.

Policies and Reviews

Upon completing the private boat tour in Amsterdam, travelers can expect a hassle-free cancellation process with a full refund available for cancellations made 24 hours in advance. However, there are no refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the start time, and changes made within this timeframe aren’t accepted.

The tour has received a stellar 5.0 overall rating from 33 Viator travelers, with recent reviews highlighting the captain’s knowledge and personable nature. Guests have appreciated the undivided attention from the private guide and the opportunity to explore hidden canals.

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the experience, with the host actively responding to reviews to ensure a high level of satisfaction among visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Discounts Available for Booking Multiple Tours or for Larger Groups?

Group discounts are available for booking multiple tours or larger groups. The tour package offers flexibility in customizing duration and itinerary. Enjoy a private canal cruise in Amsterdam with undivided attention and hidden canal access.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Electric Saloon Boat for Guests to Use During the Tour?

Restroom availability on the electric saloon boat ensures guests’ comfort during the tour. Snack options onboard offer refreshments as they enjoy the journey. Guests can relax and indulge in the experience without worrying about basic amenities or hunger.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Food or Drinks on Board the Boat, or Is It Strictly Prohibited?

Guests can bring their own food onboard the boat, making it convenient for dietary restrictions. However, alcohol policy prohibits bringing outside drinks. The boat offers a variety of beverage choices available for purchase, including water, soft drinks, beer, wine, prosecco, cava, and champagne.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children to Participate in the Private Boat Tour?

Age restrictions on the private boat tour ensure safety for all passengers. Children must meet the minimum age requirement set by the tour operator. Safety measures are in place to guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Is There a Specific Dress Code Recommended for Guests to Adhere to During the Canal Cruise?

Guests are advised to dress comfortably during the canal cruise to fully enjoy the experience. There’s no specific dress code, allowing visitors to choose attire that suits their comfort level for the private boat tour on an electric saloon boat.

Final Words

Private Boat Tour on a Electric Saloon Boat - Final Words

Experience the beauty and charm of Amsterdam in a whole new light with a private boat tour on an electric saloon boat.

Glide through the picturesque canals, uncover hidden gems, and enjoy personalized service from a knowledgeable guide.

With convenient onboard amenities and the flexibility to customize your journey, this exclusive excursion promises a truly special and unforgettable experience in the heart of this iconic city.

Book your private boat tour today and create memories to last a lifetime.

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