Cruising through Amsterdam’s enchanting canals while indulging in delectable wine and cheese sounds like a dream come true. The Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise offers just that. As the boat glides gracefully along the water, guests are treated to a feast for the senses with a curated selection of local wines and cheeses.

But what sets this experience apart? Stay tuned to discover the unique features that make this evening cruise a must-try for anyone seeking a touch of sophistication and relaxation in the heart of Amsterdam.

Just The Basics

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Just The Basics

  • Relaxing cruise along Amsterdam’s canals with wine and cheese.
  • Glass-enclosed boat for a romantic atmosphere.
  • Perfect for unwinding or a romantic night out.
  • Hotel pickup, drop-off, and gratuities included.

Tour Highlights

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Tour Highlights

Embark on the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise to indulge in a leisurely journey through the city’s iconic canals while savoring exquisite wines and delectable snacks in the romantic ambiance of a glass-enclosed boat.

The cruise promises a blend of romantic ambiance and culinary delights, making it an ideal choice for couples looking to unwind or those seeking a special night out.

As you glide along the picturesque canals, enjoy the intimate setting provided by the glass-enclosed boat, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

The combination of stunning waterfront views, carefully selected wines, Dutch cheese, and other snacks ensures a delightful experience that appeals to both the senses and the heart.


As part of the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise experience, guests can look forward to a selection of inclusions that enhance the romantic ambiance and culinary enjoyment of the journey through the iconic canals.

  1. Wine Pairings: Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a carefully curated selection of wines that perfectly complement the flavors of the various cheeses served on board.
  2. Cheese Varieties: A delightful assortment of Dutch cheeses will be available, allowing guests to savor the unique taste profiles of different varieties while taking in the stunning views of Amsterdam’s canals.
  3. Snacks and Nuts: Along With the wine and cheese, guests can enjoy an array of nuts and snacks to round out the culinary experience on this enchanting evening cruise.

Meeting Details

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Meeting Details

Upon arrival at the meeting point located at Stromma, Damrak 22 in Amsterdam, guests can easily spot the Stromma shop at Pier 5 on Damrak to commence their Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise experience.

The meeting logistics are straightforward, with the meeting point conveniently situated for easy access. In case guests encounter any issues finding the meeting point, they can reach out to the tour operator for assistance. It’s essential to arrive on time to ensure a smooth embarkation process.

While the meeting point is fixed at Stromma, Damrak 22, alternative locations for pickup can be arranged in advance for added convenience. This ensures that guests have a hassle-free start to their relaxing evening cruise experience.


Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Expectations

Arriving at the meeting point at Stromma, Damrak 22 in Amsterdam sets the stage for an enchanting evening filled with wine, cheese, and picturesque views during the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise. Setting expectations for this experience brings to mind a romantic ambiance, perfect for couples looking to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

The glass-enclosed boat provides an intimate setting, enhancing the romantic atmosphere as you indulge in wine and cheese tastings. As the boat glides along Amsterdam’s canals, expect to be captivated by the charming waterfront houses and cozy cafes lining the route.

This cruise promises a leisurely journey back to central Amsterdam, making it an ideal choice for a memorable and romantic night out.

  1. Romantic ambiance in a glass-enclosed boat.
  2. Wine and cheese tastings included.
  3. Picturesque views of Amsterdam’s canals.

Pricing and Offers

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Pricing and Offers

Discover the enticing pricing options and exclusive offers available for the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise, providing an affordable yet luxurious experience for all guests. The cruise offers special promotions and budget-friendly options to cater to various preferences and needs. Here is a breakdown of the pricing and offers available:

Option Price
Standard Ticket $27.07
Special Offer $43.67
Save $16.60
Product Code 2544CANDLELIGHT

These prices ensure that guests can enjoy a wonderful evening on the Amsterdam canals without breaking the bank. Take advantage of these deals to indulge in a delightful wine and cheese tasting experience while taking in the beautiful sights of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Wine and Cheese Tasting?

Vegetarian options are available for the wine and cheese tasting. Vegan alternatives are also provided for those with dietary preferences. Guests can enjoy a variety of plant-based choices alongside the traditional offerings during the evening cruise.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Glass-Enclosed Boat?

Restroom availability is essential on the glass-enclosed boat to ensure comfort and hygiene standards. Guests can conveniently use the onboard restroom during the cruise. The facility is well-maintained to meet the needs of passengers throughout the journey.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for This Evening Cruise?

Age restrictions are in place for safety and compliance. Participants must meet the legal drinking age, requiring ID for verification. These measures ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests on the evening cruise.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Drinks or Snacks on Board?

Guests cannot bring their own drinks or snacks on board due to the BYOB policy and outside food restrictions. However, wine, beer, soft drinks, Dutch cheese, and snacks are provided during the cruise, ensuring a delightful experience.

Is There Live Music or Entertainment Provided During the Cruise?

Live music and onboard entertainment are not provided during the cruise. The focus is on a relaxing experience with beautiful views, wine, cheese, and snacks. Guests can unwind and enjoy the romantic ambiance without additional entertainment.

Final Words

Indulge in a romantic evening on the Amsterdam Wine and Cheese Evening Cruise, where you can savor delicious Dutch cheese and wine while cruising through the city’s iconic canals.

With stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere, this experience is perfect for couples looking for a memorable night out in Amsterdam.

Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity to unwind and take in the beauty of the city from the water.

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