Imagine cruising along Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, the aroma of sizzling barbecue filling the air as a private chef prepares a delectable meal just for you and your guests.

But it’s not just about the food; it’s the entire experience that sets this private BBQ and drinks cruise apart.

From personalized service to stunning views of the city, every detail is carefully curated to ensure a memorable outing.

Curious to know more about how this exclusive adventure unfolds on the waters of Amsterdam?

Just The Basics

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Just The Basics

  • Private canal cruise in Amsterdam with unobstructed city views.
  • Enjoy a BBQ feast prepared by a personal chef onboard.
  • Commentaries on famous landmarks by your skipper.
  • Unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks included for a personalized experience.

Experience Highlights

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Experience Highlights

Set out on a private canal cruise in Amsterdam to savor unobstructed city views while relishing a barbecue feast whipped up by a personal chef onboard. The Chef’s specialties add a gourmet touch to the experience, offering a variety of meats with a veg option to cater to all preferences.

As you indulge in the delicious BBQ meal, the skipper provides engaging sightseeing commentary, enriching your journey with insights into the famous landmarks dotting the Amsterdam skyline. This personalized adventure ensures a unique and memorable outing, where you can enjoy the culinary delights of a private chef while taking in the beauty of Amsterdam’s canals from a privileged vantage point.


Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Inclusions

While onboard the private BBQ and Drinks Cruise in Amsterdam, guests can enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks, as well as a delectable BBQ meal prepared by a private chef. The personalized dining experience onboard includes the chef’s specialties, with a variety of meats and a vegetarian option available. The chef will cater to guests’ preferences, ensuring a memorable culinary experience. To enhance the enjoyment of the cruise, additional inclusions are provided for a complete and indulgent experience. Theres some good the Chef’s specialties while taking in the stunning views of Amsterdam’s iconic canals. This exclusive offering ensures that guests have a unique and tailored dining experience while cruising through the picturesque city.

Inclusions Details
Unlimited beverages Beer, wine, and soft drinks provided.
BBQ meal options Prepared by a private chef.
Personalized service Chef’s specialties for a unique dining experience.


Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Logistics

Upon arrival at the meeting point at Oosterdokskade 8 in Amsterdam, guests will be greeted for the private BBQ and Drinks Cruise experience near the floating China restaurant Seapalace.

The private dining experience onboard includes a variety of menu options prepared by a skilled chef, catering to different dietary restrictions. Theres some good the chef’s specialties, which may feature an assortment of meats with a vegetarian option available.

The logistics ensure a personalized adventure on the private boat, with unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks provided throughout the cruise. Confirmation is typically received within 48 hours of booking, and while the activity isn’t wheelchair accessible, service animals are permitted.

Infants are required to sit on laps during the cruise, making this private tour/activity exclusively for the group’s enjoyment.

Additional Information

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Additional Information

For a comprehensive understanding of the cancellation policy for the Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise in Amsterdam, detailed guidelines are readily available for reference. When it comes to the onboard culinary experience, guests can indulge in a variety of chef specialties carefully curated for this unique setting. From succulent grilled meats to delightful vegetarian options, the onboard chef ensures a memorable dining experience. Plus, the beverage selection onboard offers unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks to complement your meal perfectly. To provide a quick overview, here is a breakdown of the chef specialties and beverage selection:

Chef Specialties Beverage Selection
Succulent Grilled Meats Unlimited Beer
Vegetarian Options Selection of Wines
Customized Culinary Delights Soft Drinks

Cancellation Policy

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Cancellation Policy

Guests must cancel their reservation for the Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise in Amsterdam at least 24 hours before the scheduled activity to receive a full refund. Late cancellations won’t be eligible for a refund, and changes within 24 hours of the activity aren’t accepted. Cut-off times for cancellations are determined based on the local time zone to ensure clarity and consistency. It’s important to adhere to the refund policy to avoid any inconveniences and to respect the terms and conditions of the booking.

  • Full refund for cancellations made 24 hours in advance.
  • No refund for late cancellations.
  • Changes within 24 hours of the activity aren’t accepted.


Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Directions

Navigating to the meeting point for the Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise in Amsterdam is straightforward, with the dock located near the floating China restaurant Seapalace at Oosterdokskade 8, 1011 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands. The dock is easily accessible by various transportation modes, including car and public transport.

If arriving by car, there are parking options available nearby, although it’s advisable to check for parking restrictions beforehand. Once at the dock, guests can embark on a scenic route through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, passing by local landmarks such as the Nemo Science Museum and the Maritime Museum.

The journey to the meeting point offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and vibrant culture, setting the tone for an unforgettable private cruise experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan BBQ Options Available for the Onboard Chef-Prepared Meal?

Custom menus for the onboard chef-prepared meal cater to various dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and vegan options. Guests can enjoy a personalized dining experience with a choice of meats or veg dishes on the private BBQ cruise.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Music or Entertainment for the Private Cruise?

Guests can enhance their experience by bringing their own music playlist for the private cruise. While onboard, they can enjoy personalized entertainment options along with the beautiful sights of Amsterdam, creating a memorable and immersive atmosphere.

Is There a Restroom Available Onboard the Private Boat?

Restroom availability is a top concern for guests on private boats. Ensuring privacy and convenience, having an onboard restroom adds comfort during the cruise. It’s a thoughtful amenity that enhances the overall experience.

Are There Opportunities for Swimming or Water Activities During the Cruise?

Swimming and water activities are not available during the cruise. However, guests can enjoy stunning sunset views, live music, and a personalized experience aboard the private boat. Relax and indulge in a unique adventure without water activities.

Is There a Dress Code or Recommended Attire for the Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise?

For the private BBQ and drinks cruise, guests can opt for casual wear to feel comfortable onboard. There is no formal attire requirement, allowing individuals to relax and enjoy the experience in a laid-back style.

Final Words

Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise With Onboard Chef - Final Words

Indulge in a luxurious and unforgettable experience on the Amsterdam Private BBQ and Drinks Cruise with an onboard chef. With gourmet dining, scenic views, and personalized service, this private boat tour offers a unique way to explore the beauty of Amsterdam in style.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, this cruise promises a memorable and exclusive experience on the iconic canals of Amsterdam.

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