Step aboard Captain Dave’s exquisite boat tour and learn about the dazzling Amsterdam Festival of Lights. With a 90-minute cruise, guests are treated to unparalleled views of the open-air exhibition in a small group setting.

But what sets this experience apart? Stay tuned to discover the captivating highlights, customer reviews, and unique insights that make this cruise a must-do in Amsterdam.

Just The Basics

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Just The Basics

  • Personalized attention in a small group for a unique Festival of Lights experience.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly captains enhance the tour with insights and history.
  • Enjoy mulled wine and hot chocolate while cruising Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed Canal Ring.
  • Award-winning boat tour recognized for exceptional views and comfort.

Tour Details

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Tour Details

Embark on an unforgettable Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise, offering a 90-minute experience through the enchanting canals of Amsterdam, complete with a first-class view of the renowned open-air exhibition. This tour provides festival insights and a unique nighttime exploration of Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed Canal Ring.

Guests will enjoy personalized attention in a small group limited to 12 travelers, mulled wine, and hot chocolate on board. The boat tour, awarded Boat Tour of The Year 2019 for Amsterdam, is guided by a personable non-scripted guide, host, and fully licensed captain in one.

Alcoholic beverages, heated boats, warm blankets, and a meeting point at Herengracht 386, 1016 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands, enhance the experience. The tour concludes back at the meeting point, offering a comfortable and memorable way to explore the Festival of Lights.

Booking and Policies

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Booking and Policies

When booking the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise, travelers can select their preferred date and number of participants to check availability and secure their spot for this enchanting experience.

The cruise offers free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start time, with a refund process that requires cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance.

While the experience isn’t wheelchair accessible, service animals are allowed, and the tour is near public transportation for accessibility.

Travelers should consider weather considerations as the boat is heated with warm blankets provided. Plus, there are group size restrictions, as the experience requires a minimum number of travelers.

Customer Reviews

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Customer Reviews

With a remarkable 5.0 rating based on 63 reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor, the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise has garnered high praise for its exceptional customer experience. Guests highly appreciated the unique perspective of the Festival of Lights and the captivating lighting displays that illuminated the canals. The festive atmosphere onboard, complemented by amenities like mulled wine and hot chocolate, added to the overall enjoyment. Many visitors specifically mentioned the comfort of the boat and the insightful history lessons provided during the tour. The smaller group size allowed for a more personalized experience, enhancing the overall journey through Amsterdam’s enchanting illuminated waterways.

Positive Aspects Comments
Lighting displays Captivating and enchanting
Festive atmosphere Mulled wine and hot chocolate added to the experience

Highlights of Boat Tour

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Highlights of Boat Tour

During the boat tour of the Amsterdam Festival of Lights, guests are treated to a captivating journey through the illuminated canals, guided by knowledgeable hosts who provide insights into the city’s history and the enchanting Festival of Lights displays.

The nighttime ambiance adds to the festive atmosphere, creating a magical experience as visitors cruise along the historic canal system. Captain Tony’s informative commentary on Amsterdam’s canal history enhances the tour, offering a deeper understanding of the city’s rich heritage.

Guests appreciate the personalized experience of the smaller group size, allowing for a more intimate and laid-back boat ride. The tour guide’s engagement with Festival insights enriches the journey, making it a highly recommended and enjoyable way to explore the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Captain Experiences

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Captain Experiences

Guests on the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise have enjoyed exceptional experiences with knowledgeable and friendly captains who enhance the tour with their expertise and hospitality. These captains provide luxury service and offer local insights, making the cruise a memorable and enriching experience for visitors. Captain Dave, in particular, has been highly recommended for his special harbor tour, where he goes above and beyond to provide a luxurious experience. Despite the weather conditions, like rainy days, Captain Dave ensures guests are accommodated well, demonstrating a commitment to top-tier service. The added value brought by captains like Roman and Roni further elevates the overall tour, providing guests with personalized attention and a deeper understanding of Amsterdam’s rich history and culture.

Captain Experience
Captain Dave Luxury harbor tour
Captain Roman Personalized attention
Captain Roni Deep insights into Amsterdam


Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Directions

Upon embarking on the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise, visitors will be guided through the enchanting canals of Amsterdam to witness the spectacular light displays from a unique vantage point. As guests navigate the waterways, they can discover routes that lead to hidden gems and scenic viewpoints, enhancing the magical experience.

The knowledgeable captain will navigate the boat through the intricate canal system, ensuring that passengers catch the best views of the illuminated art installations. Along the journey, guests will pass by iconic landmarks and picturesque bridges, providing ample photo opportunities to capture the beauty of the Festival of Lights.

The route will offer a different perspective of Amsterdam at night, showcasing the city’s charm under the magical glow of the light festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Passengers Bring Their Own Food or Drinks on Board the Boat Tour?

Passengers cannot bring their own food or drinks on board the boat tour. However, the cruise offers a variety of beverage options, including alcoholic beverages like mulled wine and hot chocolate. Food restrictions may apply.

Are There Restrooms Available on the Boat During the Cruise?

Restroom availability during the cruise is limited. For comfort and safety, guests are kindly asked to refrain from bringing their own food or drinks on board. The focus is on enjoying the unique experience provided.

Is There a Dress Code Recommended for the Evening Cruise?

For the evening cruise, there is no strict dress code. Guests can feel comfortable in either formal attire or casual wear. The focus is on enjoying the Festival of Lights experience while staying cozy and relaxed on board.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children to Join the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise?

Age restrictions for children on the Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise are generally family-friendly, allowing kids to join. Child tickets may be available, and the experience offers food and drinks, restrooms, and appropriate seating arrangements.

Can Guests Request a Specific Seating Arrangement or Location on the Boat During the Tour?

Guests can request specific seating arrangements or boat locations during the tour. Custom arrangements and various tour options are available to accommodate preferences. The experience give you a personalized and comfortable setting for all participants.

Final Words

Amsterdam Festival of Lights Cruise by Captain Dave - Final Words

Experience the magic of Amsterdam like never before with Captain Dave’s Festival of Lights cruise.

With expert captains, cozy amenities, and stunning views of the illuminated Canal Ring, this 90-minute tour promises an unforgettable evening in the heart of the city.

Book your cruise now and embark on a journey through the enchanting lights and historical beauty of Amsterdam.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional experience with Captain Dave!

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